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Engaging Gamers on the 'Gram (& Facebook, Twitter) 🎮

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my work with Press Start Australia has been engaging with and creating content for our legion of passionate followers.

Throughout the years with Press Start, I've contributed a range of social content across all our channels, including this particularly fun 'expectations vs. reality piece' poking fun at an upcoming racing game set in Australia.

In hindsight, not making mention of the Montague St Bridge was a mistake.

But it wasn't all goofy videos; I've been very fortunate to travel all about the world covering video game events with Press Start, producing content on the go reporting back to our audience.

This particular, spur-of-the-moment opportunity saw me join Rooster Teeth on set in Sydney to go behind-the-scenes of their massively popular Immersion series. With no crew, and only my phone and a couple of $50 lavalier mics at my disposal, I think it turned out alright.

Of course, I also had the pleasure of hosting and co-producing a couple of live streams including the pre-show for the Australian Game Awards, where Press Start was later awards Publication of the Year.

During my time interning at Southern Cross Austereo with their digital team, Press Start's managing editor, Shannon, and I made a concerted effort to grow our social following and produce more social-specific content across all our channels.

And obviously, when Xbox sent us a 'greaseproof' controller, we needed to put it to the test by dunking it in a KFC bucket.

Again, it had to be done.

It wasn't the only collaboration I worked on either. A paid campaign with Bethesda had me host a live-streamed playthrough of the then-unreleased game Prey, as well as edit and narrate a sponsored video.

On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we put upcoming games against each other in head-to-head votes, running polls to determine the most anticipated game of the year.

You'd be amazed at the debates this started.

In case you were wondering, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate won out in the end.

Spider-Man got a little bit of love though as we endeavour to share more UCG on our socials too, even when it got a little weird...

We found new ways to boil down blogs and turn them into social content, sharing news and reviews on Instagram more alongside trivia pieces and memes.

This was a particular favourite trivia piece. As a big fan of Spyro the Dragon, to think he was nearly anything other than purple seems ludicrous to me!

I've produced content to celebrate birthdays...

Share gameplay for upcoming games...

And obviously a few memes too...

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